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FRC Team Alliance Information
What is the FRC Team Alliance? 
The FRC Team Alliance is a St. Louis Regional initiative powered by St. Louis area teams and the Regional Planning Committee that is looking to bring area FRC teams together to help support each other by shareing resources and best practices, planning training camps/workshops for area teams and providing on-going support for FRC teams throughout the year.
The FRC Team Alliance is led by Tom Wendel (Boeing Mentor -Team 2408) and Eric Curry (Coach - Team 1208). We are inviting (and encouraging) all area teams to participate in the FRC Team Alliance. If you are interested in participating in the FRC Team Alliance, please contact Tom Wendel at thomas.r.wendel@boeing.com. 
To help make sharing of information between teams easier, the FRC Team Alliance has put together a list of team contact information for the main contact(s) of teams which can be found below. 


FRC Team Alliance Contact List
Disclaimer--FIRST Team members on this list understand the personal information is for FIRST Robotics related efforts and not intended for commercial or profit gains.  Please respect members in the spirit of FIRST coopertition.
Name Team Number Email Phone Number
Adams, Jennifer 4500 jenniferadams@claytonschools.net 636-542-1534
Allen, Katherine 1985 kallen@hazelwoodschools.org 314-953-5400
Beauchamp, Stephan 4500 stephenbeauchamp@claytonschools.net 314-713-1290
Blair, Charlie                                        931 charlie.blair@slps.org 314-913-0425
 Brandel, Jerry 4232 jerry.j.brandel@boeing.com 314-741-7357
Brendel, Andy 4246 Andy.Brendel@triadunit2.org 618-558-5215
Burkhart, Richard Lead Robot Inspector burkhartr@earthlink.net 314-432-0751
Comer, Sherry & Mitch 3284 scomer@camdentonschools.org 573-346-9233
Curry, Eric 1208 currye@oths.us 618-520-4828
De Groot, Paul 4256 paul.j.degroot@boeing.com 314-705-1154
Deitzler, Ed 3397 e.dietzler@gmail.com 314-346-7419
Dognaux, Ryan 4329 rdognaux@gmail.com 317-691-0317
Dressel, Frank 931 frank.dressel@slps.org 618-567-7188
Ellis, Clifton 5781 clifton.ellis@slps.org 314-443-8544
Feller, Kyle 4500 feller.kyle@mac.com 314-602-1576
Freiling, Paul FRC Regional Director Paul.Freiling@slsc.org 314-286-4628 office
Foy, Kathy 5326 kathy.foy@principia.edu 561-573-4765
Graham, Henry Senior Mentor hgraham@usfirst.org 314-276-9372
Harding, Lisa 4256 lharding@wcastl.org 314-484-6611
Hauch, Randall 4931 rhauch@gmail.com 618-580-5764
Johnson, Rande 4931 rjcycle@sbcglobal.net 314-239-7488
Kelly, Ann 2978 akelly@bishopdubourg.org 636-542-0533
Lambert, Ralph 1094 rivercityrobots@hotmail.com 314-308-2728
Landers, Robert 5781 robert.landers@slps.org 314-707-0845
Lemons, Anthony 5781 anthony@urbanfuturestl.org 573-579-7988
Lester, Lauren 5583 llester@rosati-kain.org 314-616-0236
Nichols, Greg 3885 gnichols@ncsd.k12.mo.us 573-760-2701
Nichols, John 3885 johnn@usa.com 573-760-2706
Sheck, Kevin 4329 kevin.sheck@buildrobot.org 573-701-1310
Shelton, Eric 5060 eshelton@farmington.k12.mo.us 314-971-3163
Brenda Standeven 3330 BStandeven@ofsd.k12.mo.us 314-378-7556
Sanders, Kim 5479 kim@cafebot.net 314-761-6016
Steiner, Jerry 5781 jerrysteiner65@gmail.com 314-705-9425
Terlouw, Tim 4256 timothy.j.terlouw@boeing.com 314-283-1928
Ward, Derek 1329 dward@priory.org 314-434-3690 x 286
Wendel, Tom 2408 thomas.r.wendel@boeing.com 636-357-1874
Wodrich, Darrell 1706 dwodrich@gmail.com 636-785-0969
Zilz, Dave 4329 dave.zilz@buildrobot.org  


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